Is that guy up there you? At Polished Bookkeeping we offer a range of services, flexible in delivery and adaptable to your needs, to take the stress of bookkeeping tasks off your hands.

With experience working with businesses in all fields and of all sizes, we know that with bookkeeping it's not "one-size-fits-all," so we specialise in coming up with a process suitable for YOUR specific needs and preferences - whether that means using excel or other free services or adapting to a new software to manage your records. Additionally - we are very flexible, servicing our clients regularly, or on-call. Anything can be accomplished so please contact us for further details and rates so we can start saving your time and energy today: [email protected]
Below is a long list of our services. Since it's a list that can go on for days, here is first a few examples of the kind of bunched up services we often supply current clients:
Example 1 - Onsite & Remote work:
- Onsite one day a fortnight to review hard copies of receipts, file paperwork and compile reports required for team meeting
- Seven hours a week remote work, reconciling transactions, sending invoices and reviewing accounts email.
- Weekly summary to Director, including advice on upcoming payments due and overall cashflow.
- Advice and adhoc admin as needed.
Example 2 - Remote work only:
- Six hours a week over two to three days, plus extra hour each quarter and extra hour at end of month:
- Access Xero and reconcile transactions that have ocurred in all bank accounts. 
- Process payroll weekly
- Call and/or email all of their clients with overdue invoices
- Provide weekly summary to Director of the business about their cash-flow, upcoming expenses and clients avoiding our calls.
- Lodge and process BAS once a quarter
- Process end of month reports and provide summary of details as specifed by the client.
- Advice and adhoc admin as needed.
Example 3 - Onsite Only:
- Onsite two days a week, four hours a day
- Review payments and invoices recieved
- Create and send out invoices
- Chase overdue clients
- Lodge monthly BAS and Superannuation
- Advice and adhoc admin as needed.
Example 4 - Monthly Review:
- 30mins fortnightly, 2 hours at end of month
- Process payroll each fortnight for the 10 staff. Send email summary to Director.
- Reconcile all transactions once a month, provide summary of details as specified by the client.
- Advice and adhoc admin as needed.
Example 5 - Quarterly Review
- Two to three hours every quarter.
- Reconcile all transactions once a quarter, provide summary of details as specified by the client
- Lodge and process BAS
- Advice and adhoc admin as needed.
Example 6 - Payroll Only
- Review timesheets data, chasing staff for hours when necessary
- Lodge payroll and send to Director for review
- Some clients have us process payment through our specific bank access, and some process on their own based on our summary.
- Lodge Superannuation and ACirt
- Email staff payslips
- Advice and adhoc admin as needed.
Example 7 - Migration
- Assess needs for migration and suggest software
- Offer subscription at lower than RRP (Xero, Myob and QBO)
- Provide quote for migration with 30% due for commencement and on ocassion progress payments.
- Conduct migration of data to new software
- Offer training on new software
- Advice and adhoc admin as needed and special rate for a period time after completion.
Example 8 - Occassional Advice
- On call to assist with software, bookkeeping advice as needed.
- Billed at 15min increments with no minimum.
These are just examples to give you an idea of the kind of work we usually assist our clients with - the number of hours / days are purely examples and would be adjusted to suit your needs.


Services in Detail

Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks Online


 Efficient, simplistic and organised accounting software options

- Support

- Training

- Migrating

- More information and assistance in choosing the best opton for you.

 Records/Data Entry

- Creating Invoices

- Sending Invoices

- Sending Statements

- Entering suppliers invoices/receipts

- Chasing suppliers for deliveries

- Adhoc tasks

 Remote/Onsite Support

- By being able to work primarily remotely, your costs are significantly reduced vs having an onsite employee.

- Personnel onsite daily/once a week/monthly/quarterly as needed

- Pick up/be mailed/have access to invoices/receipts via web based systems (email/Google Drive/etc) for data entry. After reviewing your needs, we suggest a process that would work most cohesive with your needs. 


- Process payroll for casual, part-time, full-time, sub-contracting personnel, on salary or hourly rates, including those with commission, reimbursements or other individual allocations, while tracking leave.

- Submit payroll via bank file, individual EFT transactions or cheque

- Submitting Superannuation payments through Auskey or directly to individual Superannuation accounts

- Assessing leave and employer obligations, dependant on Award and specific-to-employee conditions.

 Debt Collection

- Allows you to maintain your current business relationship with clients while we deal with the sometimes awkward conversations regarding requesting payments.

- Friendly yet firm correspondence with outstanding debtors. We will listen to the clients reasonings and suggest solutions so you have money coming in

- Clear recordkeeping of communications that you can easily refer to

- Cost effective and consistent at hourly rate vs Debt Collections Agency pricey percentages.

- Our clients universally experience the receiving the highest volume of paid invoices the day after our contacting overdue debtors. 

  Tax Forms, Reports and Activity Review

- Submitting BAS/IAS monthly/quarterly

- Corresponding with the ATO regarding company details, BAS and Superannuation Agreements, etc.

- Reconciling bank account(s) transactions monthly/weekly/daily

- Preparing EOFY records for your accountant

- Creating a Cash Flow report monthly/weekly

- Summarizing expenses and income monthly/weekly

- Creating a budget and/or assessing Company's ability to follow the budget


- Professionally chasing clients for payment, from initial reminders through to the Small-Claims Court filing processes.

Review of your accounts records to assess correct coding

- Formatting templates for letterhead, invoices, company documents (internal/external) etc.

- Re-organisation of hard copy/PDF records, re-format filing systems

- Creating manuals

- Ongoing filing 

 Structural Set Up of Your Business

Creating a business is an exciting and sometimes dubious prospect. We offer guidance and suggestions regarding the requirements to have your business set up to code. You can have your business up and running within a week! 
This guidance includes:

- Registering your Business Name, ABN, ACN and other obligations

- Registering for GST, Payroll Tax, Auskey, Business Portal and more

- Creating bank accounts, situating a PO Box, office/retail space etc.

- Insurance and Workers Compensation coverage

- Providing information sheets regarding Employer Obligations specific to your business, digitally and hard copy.


At Polished Bookkeeping, our services are always expanding and adapting. If you don’t see your required service listed, please contact us at [email protected] to discuss how we may be of assistance.
A response can be expected within 2-4 hours during business hours.